Besides useful information and education, A Yogi Kitchen offers two services; private and small group yoga classes taught in your home or in your favorite place; AND intentional professional cooking in your home. Unlike any other service you'll find A Yogi Kitchen is committed to mind, body and spirit health and wellness.

We nurture how you move your body

as well as how your nourish your body.

​​​Nourishing body, mind and spirit

The schedule is flexible, so if you're having trouble finding a class that fits in your life a small group class might be perfect. 

Brand new to yoga? Try a mini-trail session for free! Read about me and book a session today!



Absolutely anyone can do yoga. My specialty is creating yoga practices and adjusting poses so that everyone is comfortable, safe and inspired by their practice. Arthritis? Overweight? Anxious? Perhaps a traditional studio setting isn't for you, but yoga in your home, even with a few friends my be the instrument to transform your life. 


Cooking at At Yogi Kitchen is fresh, real food, prepared simply to let the best ingredients shine. I cater small cocktail or dinner parties, provide delicious support to your family holidays or can fill your fridge and freezer for tasty meals throughout the week.

More Info coming soon. Call or email for questions and prices.