As a wife of a triathlete I wanted to find a form of exercise that I could call my own.  I tried yoga with a friend before and liked it. But then I tried yoga with Melissa as my instructor and fell in love with it! Yoga class with Melissa was not only great for me physically but also therapeutic for me mentally and spiritually. Thank you, Melissa, for all you have taught me! -EMG, Kansas

I am so excited to FINALLY introduce A Yogi Kitchen. I'm Melissa Mitchell, a 45 year old Mom of two in the middle of huge transition in my life. I believe in honoring what goes in the body as well as how we move the body, how we quiet the mind and how we learn to be still. I more than believe in it. Honoring, exploring and sharing is my true passion. A Yogi Kitchen is the culmination of my journey with food and yoga over the last 25 years. 




A Yogi Kitchen

The Very Beginning

Both yoga and food have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mom was a phenomenal cook. We weren't a fish on Friday kind of family. It was Shrimp Scampi and tender roasts of flavorful beef any day of the week.  At Christmas she made baked fresh seafood in creamy, cheesy sauces and served them in scallop shells. My parents rarely hired babysitters, instead hauling us to four star restaurants where we were expected to behave and eat whatever was on the menu. It was years before kids menus. We quickly developed sophisticated, adventurous palates.

I came to yoga in my 20s. The first day I tilted into downward dog was like coming home. My body had always wanted to be in yoga poses, I just never knew it. Five years later, in 2000, I started teaching. Over the years I've slowly developed my own philosophy about teaching. I strongly believe that absolutely everyone can practice yoga. I specialize in making yoga comfortable body, mind and spirit for people that never thought they could practice.

​So after 25 years of doing almost everything in the restaurant business, even owning a restaurant and catering business and almost 15 years of teaching and healing through yoga, even owning a studio, I had to find a way to combine my passions. I could no longer split my days between my two loves. I am drawn to share what I learn and my experiences. Yoga and food have changed my life. What I put in my body is as important to me as any yoga pose, or meditation, but I believe they can only go hand in hand. One can't heal through yoga and not be conscious of what's going in the body. And we can't put real, whole foods in our bodies without contemplating how it makes us feel and how our bodies should be moving.

A Yogi Kitchen is my dream come true, a place where we are present with the wonders of food, cooking, poses, meditation and breath.