BreatheEcourse ​a FREE seven day course to help you manage mental heatlh

Join me! 

Want a little taste of Yoga for Anxiety and Depression and BreatheOnline? There's a free low-commitment option. BreatheEcourse!

This was an email course that just became available at out new community over at Mighty Networks. Join our community, then go to BreatheTogether and scroll to the bottom. You'll find all 7 days of BreatheEcourse there. Work through them in order. Go fast or go slow, pause to process, whatever feels good to you. 

You also get the support of our community, like-minded folks who get it! 

Learn how to shift your brain chemistry in the moment. Learn soothing yoga poses and mindfulness tools to help your brain chemistry shift. 

Want more free stuff? There's lots more over at A Yogi Kitchen, Mighty Networks. And best of all? We're a community. Connection heals your brain! 

What They're Saying

Melissa has a kind and gentle nature. She creates a safe space and explains things easily. She knows a lot. - Tanya, Salem, MA


an online yoga course

to mindfully manage your

mental health.

Group session $180

Private, one-on-one $400, 

compare to 6 private coaching

sessions ​Live differently in 2019!

I'l be honest with you, I love this course. I am so proud of this work. These are skills I've learned and put together to help mindfully manage mental health. It all started as Yoga for Anxiety and Depression. Back then the course was mostly yoga poses and a little breath work. 

And then it grew. 

First it grew into a four hour face-to-face workshop that was still yoga, but also included meditation and mindfulness, breath work, dialectical behavior skills, nutrition tips and guidance. You get a hands on experience with me and we focused mostly on anxiety and depression. Then it morphed to manage all mental health. 

We work to manage our physical health, righ? Why wouldn't we do the same for our mental health? 

Then it grew into BreatheOnline, a six-week online course that you do all of the above, but in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The information mostly comes to you through emails and videos and you join our online community for connection with other folks that get what you're going through. 

Now, I've expanded BreatheOnline to include work you can do with me one-on-one. I(t's the same information, but each concept starts with a call or a Zoom/FaceTime session. We still aim for about six weeks together, but the pace is really based on your needs. We check in together at least one other time during the week, online, through email, a call or Zoom/FaceTime. It's like six one-on-one coaching sessions, but with worksheets and individualized support. 


What do we work on for six weeks? There are six core concepts:

Let's Get Clear-journaling to find get present and observe

Self-love is Self-care-connecting with your deep desires and taking care of sooth your nervous system

Yoga Poses-learning poses to quiet the brain, get in your body and soothe the nervous system

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills-finding what's called Wise Mind and the tools to get us there

Nutrition-eating for a healthy brian

Putting It All Together-the lawst week to practice with my support, see what works, t and create a plan for times of high emotion


$180 for 6 weeks starting in January 15!   

Want to split it up into payments?Email or call me, 785-760-5412 and we'll work out the perfect payment plan for your budget.

Want this customized just for you and your schedule? You sign up for one-on-one work. 

​​​​I so hope you'll invest in yourself, join us and better manage your mental health. 2018 could be a whole different year for  you!

In addition to each week above you get worksheets to help you learn visually, process and keep track of what's working and what's not. 

Melissa taught me to take care of myself. I didn't know I could do yoga, until she showed me ANYONE can do yoga. Her classes have adjustments and variations for everyone. -ST, Lawrence, KS