​​​​I so hope you'll invest in yourself, join us and better manage your anxiety and/or depression.
2018 could be a whole different year for you! The secret Facebook page opens January 7th, so you actually get 8 weeks to connect and get support. Over 8 weeks you get: 

 - Video teachings with a yoga practice each week
 - 8 week entry into a private Facebook Group for additional support, guidance and community.
 - A free private, one-on-one session with me
 - Anxiety to Ananda (Bliss) ebook so you can work at your own pace

Want to join me for the first practice? The first week of BreatheOnline is always Let's Get Clear! Grab your journal and join me! 

Get the whole session at our new community and year round support for free! http://bit.ly/2IRqIGb

Managing anxiety and depression by yourself is way too hard. You get seven days of support and guidance to manage your anxiety and depression. Learn how to shift your brain chemistry in the moment. Learn soothing yoga poses and mindfulness tools to help your brain chemistry shift. 

In addition to seven days of tools and skills, you get access to a secret Facebook group where you can connect with people just like you and me and a discount on my ebook, Anxiety to Ananda. 

​​ Breathe,

an online yoga course

for anxiety and depression

One-on-one with me, anytime

Group session starts June 30th!

​Live differently in 2018. 

Overwhelmed, tired, stressed, worried, panicky, sad, stuck? 

I get that. I know what that feels like, sometimes I know it on a daily basis.

Sometimes, it's still hard for me. I got you. 

How would you feel knowing that you have weekly support? How would you like a place to settle in and in cozy comfort learn new skills and ways to manage? Join me. I got you. 

Are you tossing and turning at night, too? Sometimes I don't feel tired when I'm supposed to. Are you finding enjoying things difficult? Sometimes, I know I'm experiencing a life-changing or important moment, but I can't be present with it. You're not alone. I get it and there are millions of us who are struggling.  You don't have to struggle alone. If you're like me, just admitting that anxiety and/or depression sometimes runs your life is embarrassing. But it doesn't have to be. I want to assure you that I've been there and it can get better. 

While my anxiety makes sleep difficult sometimes, okay,  it also makes my heart flutter and breathing shallow. Anxiety makes me worry.  It makes it uncomfortable to be in my own skin sometimes. Slowly, over the years I've developed some tools that make it okay to be me. I've developed skills that make it possible to get through a day. It's not always pretty, but I get through. At the end of each difficult day, I've learned something about myself and about life. If this sounds familiar, BreatheOnline could be for you. I'd like to share some tools with you, so that you can find some relief from your anxiety or depression symptoms.

Breathe is a course I developed from my 20 years on the mat, 15 of those teaching, and my studies with mindfulness and meditation, from my experience with dialectical behavioral therapy (dbt). Most of all it comes from being a woman, a wife, a mom and then a girlfriend with anxiety. I'm a yoga therapist, but mostly I'm someone who has dealt with anxiety for most of her life.

We'll meet once a week thru video, at least once thru email and a few times a week thru a private FB group.  The group will give you an opportunity to connect with other people who feel like you do. You can ask questions, share and get support any time of the day or night. We'll discuss how our brains have been busy, our bodies have been tired and how it's making us cranky and feeling low. Each week you'll learn a new skill to help you cope, a tool to ease panic, insomnia. restlessness or another symptom of anxiety and depression and we'll relax with some yoga, 
breathwork and mindfulness. You see these yoga tools can shift your brain chemistry.  

We'll breathe deeply, creating ease and openness. We'll quiet our brains. Slowly our lives will shift. You'll start to see that once you manage your high emotions, once you take action in a new way and you can choose and not just react. Your relationships, career, love life, sleep patterns, eating habits can get better. I promise, it's not hopeless, even though it can feel that way at times. 



BreatheEcourse ​a FREE seven day course to help you manage anxiety and depression

Join me! 

What They're Saying

$180 for 6 weeks starting June 30th!  

Want to split it up into payments?Email or call me, 785-760-5412 and we'll work out the perfect payment plan for your budget. 

Melissa taught me to take care of myself. I didn't know I could do yoga, until she showed me ANYONE can do yoga. Her classes have adjustments and variations for everyone. -ST, Lawrence, KS

Melissa has a kind and gentle nature. She creates a safe space and explains things easily. She knows a lot. - Tanya, Salem, MA