Free Grief Journal Week

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Grief is hard work. Loss can be really big, like the loss of a loved one or relatively small, like get fired and missing your old work place and work friends. Whether it's big or small, it's hard work.  Each new loss, compounds the pain and the work left undone from old loss. Sometimes it can even bring up new issues around loss. It feels like it's never done. 

Join me September 3-7, during the anniversary of my dad's death, for community, journal prompts and mindfulness to help us dig through some of the work. 

Write to get unstuck

Write to remember

Write to get out of your head

Write to honor grief

Write to remember

Write to let go

Write to find the middle path

​Join us! 

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​I'm Melissa Mitchell and here at A Yogi Kitchen, mindful food and delicious yoga are always simmering, releasing aromas of comfort and peace. 

I believe in taking small intentional step​s to create a better life. I can teach you what 20 years of yoga has taught me. Why not aim for your best life?